(song) I'M A Punk I'M A Loser

call me a punk
call me a loser
say i'm abused
am i the abuser
say i'm a fool
but fools die
feeling so used
when you made me cry
call me a liar
stop lying to me
you seen it all
what did you see
and how can you think
it even matters to me
so yes i'm a punk
hell ya i'm a loser
might be abused
might be the abuser
no longer a fool
because fools die
so now your used
it's your turn to cry
am i a thief
when my worlds dark
you stole my light
my work of art
i saw it all
more then enough
it's not worth it
i'm not that tough
i'm just a punk
and i cant lie
must be a fool
cuz you made me die
i was abused
the abuser failed
now i'm on track
from being derailed
forget the storm
i survived the attack
so i cross my heart
and hope you die
but its all over
no more you and i

by D.J. Ray

Comments (3)

One of the best on behest......... Like the liking of your harvest
In that case we are all Punk Loser's. Again fantastic, heartfelt writing. I shall be reading more from you. Keep wirting. SG
i LOVE it! :) keep at it