(song Lyric 2) Sometimes A Whisper Hits You

Sometimes a whisper hits you louder than a thunderclap
When he first says I love you softly in your ear
Everything that happens, happens here
And there’s no world outside his quiet embrace.
Caught up in the moment, his breath soft upon your face,
There is no other sound that you can hear.

Sometimes a gentle touch shakes you harder than a hammer blow
When his hand first meets your own,
Light, like a tender summer breeze,
It blows your heart away and though his fingers barely graze your skin,
The feel of them runs through your nerves like lightning,
Sending loveshocks through you deep within.

Sometimes the smallest light blinds you with its fire
When he looks into your eyes and for the first time
You see twin stars within him, burning bright
And you know you’ve looked into his soul
Then you can see no other man,
And nothing bears comparison with his perfection.

No promises, no praise,
No presents, no pretty words,
No gold, no diamonds, no jewellery, no fame
Are worth as much or burn so fierce
As true love’s tender flame.

by Christopher McInnes

Comments (4)

I really loved your poem and could relate to it. Thank you.
You captured the intense moments of love very well. I love it. Thank you.
True love's tender flame! Nice work with the muse of love and life.
Yes its happened once with all.....so nice!