Song Of A Shallow Dream

Dream of love, rise to sorrow,
Seek another's bed to borrow.
Fickle heart fleeing mine,
Once to me that love divine.
Thoughts go forth in time to grieve,
Tears for me, soon short to leave.
None of equal heart replaced,
Pillow's passion poison laced.
Futile void, this pointless chase,
Have lost my fount of soul's embrace.

Dream again of heart once mine,
Slumber serves to be my shrine.
Jaded spirit turns away,
Knows this dreams fleeting stay.
Wake in the day, to heart’s deep night,
Transient chamber, soul takes flight.
Your proxy's breath I fain to breathe,
Love's dull blade rusts its sheathe.
Disputes my faith of sentimental scheme,
Singing the silent song of shallow dream.

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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