Song Of Alan

Entangled I have fallen prey to the bait of her beauty
Because my mind she has corrupt?
Looking through her in just a flash of a stare
Her statuesque erect like a present before me
Her voice a composed masterpiece in complements
That all words kissing her lips are the epitome of beauty

In a life out of balance
She is revealed like a ray of light
I watch doubts shy in a stare
In an under tone I mutter her name
Poisoned I have grown to the charms of her spell
Oh sweet Yasaka
Even by her name, she torments dreams with daily citations
And time rush Precedence to her presence
As a gem in people you stood hard to find
Unveiling the impossible burdens the heart
for how could you stand mine
When your beauty enlightened every mans desire
My possesion, you chose as a rest in the corners of a facade heart
And Overjoyed my heart dearly dance
In ovations of endless romance
A life with full meaning, played in songs within

Inspired by girl-Mpanga Yasaka Kalunga


by Alan Kabanshi

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