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Song Of Ending
AA (9.26.72 -? / new york city)

Song Of Ending

listen to my song
my song
of ending

and i will
take you
to a place
where my name
is not my own

the houses there
miss their families
and the clouds
are an excuse
for the sky

run with me
through iridescent fields
that move like laughter
and chase our shadow
in happy madness

every stone
has a story
and the nightengale
sings in crystal shards

every story
is newer with the telling
and every newborn
remembers their past
the books dream
of ancient forests
and the windows
the sand dunes
of their elders

the moon glows down
and is shaped by
and the air
is placed
and counted in the hand

lay me down
with a tom waits lullaby
and send me off
with a magnolia prayer
for this is my song
a song of ending

and now

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