('90 / America)

Song Of Roth

The people’s hope is fading.
They are sick of waiting.
They say their kings have gone –
But Roth Zreth knows the truth.

Deyn is leading them astray
And who will rise up and say
“No! Hope is still burning!
The Wintonwi are not dead! ”

Roth Zreth, come forward.
Save Myana by your word!
Though you are a Gray Jack’s son
You know the Promise of the Kings.

Fearless, dauntless Roth Zreth,
Fazed not by blood and death,
Roth Zreth must make a choice:
To join Tirel? To join Üdel?

The Blade Master, the Emerald Fox,
Quicker than lightning, harder than rocks.
Roth Zreth, the general’s son –
Choose whom you will serve.

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