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Song Of Rusviel

King Ronni lies slain by the Usurper;
The reign of the Wintonwi done.
The Queen and the children are murdered –
All the children but one.

Tirel had faded to ashes
A remnant of what she was.
The green has all turned gray
But still she hopes because:

Rusviel is still alive.
The wind still carries his name.
There is work to be done, Rusviel,
A Usurper to put to shame!

Üdel’s hand is very strong,
But Blood is stronger still
When it runs in the royal veins
Of young prince Rusviel!

For thirteen years all Tirel
Has lain in desecration
But with the Prince Returning,
Joy will flood the nation.

Tirel! Tirel! Awake and see!
Your Prince comes with the dawn!
Young is he and brave of heart!
Your vict’ry is half won!

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