EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Song Of Spring.

And this song i write,
is just to put a smile on your face.
And i hope you just might,
smile so all the tears could be erased.
To your arms i belong,
and my love flies over to you.
For you i write a song,
and i'll till my life is through.
Like the sky got drowned in milk,
and roses are all to bloom.
So velvet like the touch of silk,
falls on you the light of moon.
Day and night, night and day,
just hear my voice and see me.
Come to our world, what may?
share my only dream eternaly.
A new world of our own,
has all the happinesss that life can bring.
Wander off the real world to home,
enjoy our ever lasting spring.
Have your heart told mine,
about so much love inside of you?
Because it runs place and time,
off to look all over for you.
My hands surrender,
to words that formed a song.
About your warmness and tender,
may we be together all along..

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