Song Of The Dust

Let every dust sing of my country
Don’t tread it down
Like pearl every speck of dust
Carries meaning of the meaning
Beyond which this body
Is like a childish quiz
Life is torn water color
In blurred canvas by any novice artist
Speck of dust is a feeling
Of the multitude; every dust of India
Keeps the Indians speed up
Inspired the soldiers to defend country
The statesman to create news for the new
And artists, singers, farmers, goldsmith
Even all sorts of people in assorted field
To elevate their activity to the infinity

Every Indian every Indian soul
Has come out of the fetus of the soil,
Like a conceived woman single speck of dust
Is pregnant with countless possibilities;
Never ignore het however tainted
Like gross thought wrapped its existence
It raises its head and erects its backbone
To keep the creation moving

by Sankar Sarkar

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A very inspirational write loving mother land with an intense love for our soil. Wish we all do honor every dust particle of our mother land ... thanks for sharing