Eternal- Everything

Nothing is new
But everything is eternal.
Everything is the beginning
But nothing is final.

Are you deserving
To know to work to stay!
Ask yourself
Answer is under the sky.

You are your eyes
You are your ears
You are only here
And nothing to fear.

It is all for the good
For all times.
Go on performing
Whatever you like.

Think yourself
Everything is for me
Think yourself always
You are at the beginning.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (4)

I should SERIOUSLY get onto Poem Hunter more often... I mean look at the poems I have been missing! This poem was awesome, I loved it a bunch. :)
beautiful makes me want to take a very long walk in the woods mostly to find solitude very well written..a ten from me..looking forward to more of your wonderful poetry...
Beautiful imaginations and awesome poem.
For the secret of my lure is the call of the Unknown, Hidden Loveliness that laughs: ‘Come and find me! ’ Wide range of colorful imagery yet the mystery resides within the whole writing. Poet calls to give up straightness yet she herself ends her own journey. Mystery and mystic beauty blended with possibility of confusion........................................................Pranab k c