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Song Of The Goddess
Lovina Sylvia Chidi ( / Germany)

Song Of The Goddess

I take complete delight
In your striking beauty
I listen to amorous songs at night
Sung by you, 'The Goddess Cutie'

With that penetrating smile that you wear
Your presence is felt far and near
With the way you toss your hair with a care
Your vivid image is lovingly glowing fair
With the soft pitchful voice you bear
Your song is the only one I want to hear

My heart quivers at your sight
With my tender hungry lips ever wanting
Before you take off in full flight
In the dark, my eyes will always be hunting

I hear your song my dear
My Goddess Cutie!
Chanting for so long and so near
My Goddess Cutie!

I am enchanted in fragments of your words
They speak of love, friendship and peace
And I can never get lost or bored
For I hang on to your imaginable kiss

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