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Song Of The Lost Mermaid
SP (9/1/1996 / Kolkata)

Song Of The Lost Mermaid

Poem By Sohini Pal

All alone below the thundering sky,
I saw the heaven- dark and furious:
madened by the rage of destruction
It was vain to cry for help-
The voice came echoing back,
through the shrieking water
I saw the dazzling lightning
Raging over the water wrath;
And the crashing waves-
Oh! The raving mad waves
Wild and fierce
And I was there- unaided and helpless
Left to the mercy of
this furious God.

Slowly the tempestuous sea
and the vehement thunders
came to a stop
And once again the sea -
became calm and quite
But I was there-forsaken and forlorn
The lost mermaid
Too feeble to find my way back
On this vast expanse of tranquility

I heard a tune-
A long lost tune;
Was it the melody of heaven?
Where there was rage and fury
Just a while ago...
Or was it the repent of hell? A woe in the eternal fire,
Abode of evil spirits...
I heard the whine of the gentle breeze
Mourning with agony
I saw the pitiful sea
As pale as death

And then I had no fear
of being lost in this vast world
No misery no pain
I found the divine love -
in this anguished pain
Left to the clemency
of this woeful world
I began my song
with the mourning tune
The song of the Lost Mermaid...

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Comments (7)

can i use this for my mermaid photography recently done. google me by my name on instagram
A nice poetic imagination, Sohini. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
Beautiful. I cant believe that you are just 13 odd years old. At this rate, you will surely win the Nobel for literature by the time you are a few years older.
WoW great poet...so excellent writing..deserve more than 10 +++++++++++++
It is very lovely and thanks for that. My favourites do always tell a story although I find that hard to do myself. Good work and keep at it.