Song Of The Stars

I say we pull back the curtains and open the windows,
and let the temptation of the wind roll in,
like the words on the tip of our fingers,
as if we have no strength to reach for our pens,
or hearts.
We can step through the creaky windows,
enter into the dead of the night,
and as it's too dark to see,
we can feel our way through the dark
with the light of our souls.
We can crawl over the dew,
on our hands, elbows and knees,
and while the dew is soaking up our courage,
we'll lie in the grass on our revenge-seeking backs,
and reach up our hands to catch the falling stars.
The blazing fireflies will surround us,
they'll land on our noses,
our cheeks,
our chests;
they'll feel us breathe,
wipe our tears,
and listen to the strums of our tender core.
Say you'll sing with me?
I know this song by heart,
I can tell you the words, the letters,
the notes and the measures;
say you'll sing with me?
Will you sing with me?

by Alyssa Taylor

Comments (2)

I will sing with you! great poem
beautifully written! i loved it!