Down And Out

I see a man on the streets, all battered, doing bad/all down and out like he's down to his last/same clothes for days with nothing to eat/tired, dehydrated, scorn by the heat/unsure of what to do and/panhandle's the solution/disowned, ignored, his sanity he's losin'/ I see a man under the 288/with very little on his plate/living lage at first, but along the line, he made a mistake/so he resort...s to holding up a sign/to get a lick and pass time/but, some people ride by, unwilling to lend him a dime/I see a mother with kids/who's struggling to live/shelter after shelter, something's gotta give/they were disowned and abandoned/unsure how to handle it/hurts to see them like that, gotta help, can't stand it/it never hurts to help/the needy, low on wealth/sometime's it's good to think about others than yourself/I see a man strolling downtown, walking like his feet hurt/pushing a shopping cart/in desperate need of work/he's tryna maintain/need I give him some change/he responds'God bless you', tommorrow, his routine's the same/giving to the needy, not the greedy's what it's about/for those individuals less fortunate and down and out

by Kris Smith

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