Song, Outside The Windows - Twilight - Translation (Rus.)

Poem By Lyudmila Purgina

Text: K.Vanshenkin
Music: E.Kolmanovsky

Outside the windows twilight
And abundant snow falls.
And my Mama, and my Mama
Tries to ban the kiss for all.

She says: 'Do not cry! In vain it'll be.'
She tries threaten me so much.
She says: 'If you like the sledging,
Then do like the sledge to drive.'

So seriously Mama says.
All the streets are piled with snow.
Thus so many days and years
Had bypassed since that long talk.

I should not regret about that,
While seeing all around,
Though I've forgot the sledging
In the need the sledge to drive

Outside the windows twilight
And abundant snow falls.
And once more for someone Mama
Tries to ban the kiss for all.

The popular russian lirycal song

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