ZN (September 5th,1988 / Artesia, California)

Your Hello

Lost In the crowd
Never i would find way home
Foot stepped on its prints
Random marks on the sands
Heading straight to nowhere
Till then i am here, i am here
That finally found my road
I am here now, i am here

If you know what led me a way
By when I heard a sound
A sound from your heart
The honest guard

Among the voices
Yours the warmest
In silence, you calm me most
With the sound like borrowed from heaven
Could be your heart plays miracle to my ears
A sweet lullaby, indestructible in time
Echoes in my mind and reach my soul
Play me again your sweet simple Hello,
I may fall deeper than any valley
In a grace of your soul beauty

Broken in half part of my way
Surrender oh i am, for you to embrace
If anything i need you for more
Is only listening your hello
Encircle around your smiles
A perfect step to a higher place
For a hope, for another day still there

When honest cant buy by money
Embrace your words more than all golds
Blessed, glad face to see the truth in your soul
We all will feel that it is a gift from almighty God
For Him send a hand for my soul to reach home
I've got to feel the reality in a simple smile
Just only by a simple smile
With precious hello
And yours,
Not less than an initial glory
Better Than the Alpheus of beauties
For they have an eternal definition
To have place in my heart
As I see them on your lips
Delivering Hello and smiles

Comfy voice, silky touch, your mind
Just beautiful smile and mesmerizing words
Delivering my soul with another million smiles
When your heart isn't far from me than a mile
Feel in your chest, feel it if you can
Stand here, to be together
Just don't wait to share that love, spread it,
Freedom will shout it louder than the alto
Amusing the sleepy people in awaking time
In every sweet lullaby, peaceful lines
Give existence to the slept humanity by that simple smile.
A simple hello, with my honest smile

by Unwritten Soul

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