Song: Sailing The Islands

Poem By David SmithWhite

On waters uncharted like oceans of old,
you gave me new passion and purpose resolved,
to tackle all weathers; so born to be bold...
sailing the islands of love.

I'm sailing the islands, and trailing the breeze,
of a storm that is violent, or as calm as you please.
It's a daily regaling and sailing of seas...
sailing the islands of love.

Tanned like tobacco and seasoned like mould,
I'm losing my bearings, I'm out of control.
I tack into headwinds, to the orb burnished gold,
on the distant horizon, where the sun boils the soul.
And warmed by bravado I turn from the cold...
sailing the islands of love.

In a fog of confusion, a maiden may call,
inviting allusions of sirens and squall.
The rocks may be looming. I care not at all...
sailing the islands of love.

You take the wind from my sails.
You rake the breath I inhale.
You shake my rig from it's nails...
sailing the islands of love.

No map for my progress, no fine sextant's scroll;
the course is off compass, as we pitch and roll.
You untethered my moorings of emotions on hold...
sailing the islands of love.

What odds for surviving when diving for pearl?
The gods are divining the vortex and swirl!
No breath for reviving my life in the world...
sailing the islands of love.

One day, as the mighty storm grew,
and great waves of stinging salt blew.
You gave me courage anew...
sailing the islands of love.

The net is upscaling the catch in the hull.
I'm trawling affection with crossbones and skull.
My quest may be dangerous but it's never dull...
sailing the islands of love.

Untamed, as from rainclouds above:
a drenched waif with the grace of a dove.
Wrapped in a nature, both gentle and wild.
Of wonder and beauty, without any guile.
I'll hostage my heartbeat to your winning smile...
sailing the islands of love.

You break the tides of betrayal.
You slake my thirst without fail.
You make it easy to bale...
sailing the islands of love.

You quell my querulous tongue.
You fill the breath in my lungs.
You keep me feeling so young...
sailing the islands of love.

Comments about Song: Sailing The Islands

I really enjoyed this one David. I really enjoyed the story here as well as the flow. Great poem. Sincerely, Mary

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