LM (02/09/81 / Australia)

[song]see Me Through

[Verse One]
Am I just invisible?
Trapped silently suffering, drowning with this pain,
you swore I was The One and Only,
Why then am I so lonely sitting here?
day by day time just flies me past
left wondering why we didn't last

Will someone,
see me through?
offer me a hand, giving me back to the sun,
mending my heart,
will someone see me through?

[Verse Two]
I want to leave - but can't say goodbye,
feeling cold and alone,
you said you'ld always stay be my side,
Left with this emptyness that won't let me be
Oh why won't you caome back to me?

[Repeat Chorus]

we could of had
just slip away,
leaving me alone in the dark
why so badly,
did you break heart?
All you lies -
My only comfort

[Guitar solo]

[Middle 8]
You swore I was -
The One and Only,
Why then -
am I so lonely?

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

[End with the guitar solo]


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Lonesome strikes the heart when we feel unlove! Meaningful poetry made into a song! Top marks.