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Song: Spiral Love
DS (270552 / Australia)

Song: Spiral Love

Spiral love, spiral hate;
it's so hard to navigate.
Spiral life, spiral fate;
our DNA shall make us great!

Spiral hate, spiral love;
like falling down, from high above.
You hit the ground, hard enough,
to spin around and call it tough.

Spiral love may ebb and flow,
may wax or wane, or surge and grow.
Spiral hate's the canker's node,
that irritates, erupts, explodes.

Spiral love's the illicit code,
for pumping blood from head to toe;
and other places not far below.
Spiral love is all I know.

Spiral love, spiral hate;
it's so hard to get it straight.
Spiral life, spiral trait;
to pair, to bond, and conjugate.

Spiral hate, spiral love;
the savage beast and the vestal dove.
Spiral love, spiral hate;
the will to kill to procreate.

Spiral love's the implicit code,
that sets a path on many roads.
Spiral hate's a different mode,
of jealous mate and guilty ode.

Spiral love, spiral hate;
it's so hard to expiate.
Spiral life in a spiral state,
where only spiral death awaits.

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I spiraled aound, around, around with this poem. Thanks.