Song, The Sounding Of Thetrumpet

At the sounding of the trumpet
the Saints shall return
To meet thy Lord and Master
on the heavenly shore.

And the soul we shall remember
the times that God hath come
When the rapture it obey
the blessed will of God.

When the heavenly body holds the heart
and Jesus shall return
To meet thy heavenly saints
on the heavenly shore.

When the seeds of God's great gathering
shall come and save our soul
For the rapture it will come to us
to await thy friendly goal.

And the peace we shall remember
where the saints of God come in
To trust thy soul to victory
thy will of thy Lord.

"For who is our hope or joy or crown
of exultation
Is it not even you
in the present of our Lord."
(1 Thessalonians 2-19)

by Dora Baker

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