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Songs And Sexes-Poem-Cauchy3
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Songs And Sexes-Poem-Cauchy3

Poem By cheung shun sang

Songs and sexes-poem-Cauchy3.

Songs are sounds on human symbols.
Rhythms in brains are pulses of souls.
Main themes are live born.
Siren songs are connected sounds.

How sheers are swans to drink whiskey?
How suffers are choking voices?
What is a beauty when she is begging?
A pie of diamonds is in sinking pies.

Fix your lives are the prices of prides.
Pipe fitters are fit to your pills.
A spiritual skull is for your pillar box.
Dream on pillows are your back cores.

Slips are rain drops on your faces.
A life is one slip knot.
Pages of words are love arts.
Raise your songs on days of loves.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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