Songs From “death’s Jest-Book” Ii - Dirge

IF thou wilt ease thine heart
Of love and all its smart,
Then sleep, dear, sleep;
And not a sorrow
Hang any tear on your eye-lashes;
Lie still and deep,
Sad soul, until the sea-wave washes
The rim o’ the sun to-morrow,
In eastern sky.

But wilt thou cure thine heart
Of love and all its smart,
Then die, dear, die;
’T is deeper, sweeter,
Than on a rose bank to lie dreaming
With folded eye;
And then alone, amid the beaming
Of love’s stars, thou ’lt meet her
In eastern sky.

by Thomas Lovell Beddoes

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Lie still and deep, well penned
Dawn til dusk night to day a love that lasts forever..beautiful..
Such a lovely write by Thomas Lovell Beddoes👍👍👍
Beautiful, beautiful beautiful poem
A beautifully conceived thought provoking and meaningful poem.
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