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Songs Of Loneliness………….. And Resentment
BM (26-03-45 / Salford, England)

Songs Of Loneliness………….. And Resentment

And here I sit, in this
small island of light,
bequeathed by
the laptop's glow.
I am fingertips
away from the world,
but lonely still.

Outside the window
of this hired space,
a river runs the gauntlet
of the street lights,
mirrored in it's flow,
and I am lonely still.

Doors bang, a car starts,
someone in the
hallway laughs.
The noises which
litter life,
surround me.
Yet I am lonely still.

There is no gentle
No warmth against
my back.
No kiss upon my
shoulder scar.
And I am lonely still.

and resentment…………….


Hello river,
I'm here once more,
and isn't it nature's
That this
incessant rain,
which deflates me,
should swell you so.

Yet stranger still,
that the sight of
your swollen wrath.
Should bring the
soothing to,
my angry soul.

But though we
both may anger
we are each in
our own way
You by the concrete
of the Weir.
Me by a sense
of responsibility.

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