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Songs Of My Soul
JF ( / Long Beach, California, USA)

Songs Of My Soul

Poem By Julian Figueroa

In the dark depths of my soul, beyond the regions that are thought to have any life
substance, Passed my soul's infinity, I scream! Reach out! Try to feel around for
anything . . . My entire being opens and closes, (Sucking) in attempt to capture
something, I demand! I call forth the forces of concentration . . . TRUTH!
CLAIRVOYANCE! FEAT. . . I yearn to function, not master, but perform in, and
with the beauties (songs of my soul) of my inner being . . . Have I gone too far in my
search . . . Must I go further . . . Where is this rhythm I seek? This place of music, where
the rivers and streams are pure and crystal turquoise clear, and the riffles of these waters
sparkle with a ruby red glimmer - The gardens and sites are like no other, diminishing
the whole basis of EDEN . . . Oh how I long for the sights of these grounds . . . Its
frolicsome and realistic tunes, I enjoyed, showed and shared with others. What wouldn't
I do, to again, dance to the sweet frequencies of my inner self . . .

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