A Comedian’s Mint (Limerick)

There was a humorous president,
Whatever he said—that he meant.
Barring all else,
He made fun of himself.
For he was a comedian’s mint.

by Walterrean Salley

Comments (8)

Dear Charles, I really like your poem. The one thing that I became fixated on was the wording-yet, and still. In my mind, one or the other seemed unnecessary, and I couldn't decide which. Maybe neither. Its the critique in me. Love, Phillip
This poem so speaks of both the temporal and eternal realms. The depression could be washed away along with the scribblings and author, too, gone in a cleansing foam of salt and water. The sea, the sea: life source and healer. Nothing can stand in its way, man cannot command it nor change one wave in its path. A wonderful poem with great depth in its simplicity.
The sitting by the shore when depressed is enough to inspire anyone to write....the scribbling in the sand, I love that. Erased so soon. Beautiful poem. Sincerely, Mary
A meticulous and beautifully vivid angle at which to view the ocean from - vast, deep and leaving its mark everywhere. A wonderful, refreshing read. - K.
Exactly. Wonderful write, Charles. Sandra
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