BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Your Loving Touch

How I crave to feel your tender loving touch,
from innocence to closeness the thought
of any of it just takes my breath
and my heart skips a beat before speeding up.
I so long for and crave to feel your loving touch
that the waiting physically and emotionally aches.
I love you babe and it is only your
loving, caring, Angelic tender touch that I'll ever want.

To just have you next to me holding your
soft hand as we smile and kiss
will be true happiness and bliss to me.
To hold you in my arms and feel your
kind loving warmth even right now in sweet dreams
makes my heart leap up and sing
knowing when the time comes I will feel complete
and it will be heavens true beauty on earth
as I am there in the arms of the most beautiful woman there is.
I so long for and crave your loving touch,
that of an Angel I desire in the purest of ways
and hope to have for eternity as my wife.

There is no need to go on here about closeness
because it is too special to be spoken of here.
Just know that your touch is the only love
that I need and want to ever share.
You are my everything and I am yours and yours alone
my beautiful sacred Queen.
I cherish you fully and adore you completely
and I send you sweet kisses of true love and honor
to fill you with my deep love and caring.

I just long to feel your loving touch
with hugs, with kisses, from our souls
as we just gaze deeply into each others eyes
while I stroke your hair and caress your cheek.
I long to feel your sweet loving touch
as I take your hand and place it upon my chest
so you may feel how my heart beats for you
as I say Kira I love you and I always will
and I will be by your side forevermore
because I only want you and I am just yours
my sweet Angel dove,
I am your Michael and for nobody else.

I just long, crave, and desire to feel your loving touch
as we just snuggle and talk about everything
under the sun stars and moon as we always have.
I just want to hold you next to me knowing
true love and feeling safe as I give you all
of the love you need and deserve with all that I have.
I love you Kira and can't wait to be with you
in your arms feeling your loving touch and knowing true peace.
You are my Angel and you are my Queen,
and you are my cherished true love and best friend,
I'll always stick by you my darling dear
because you are my Kira and I love you sincerely.

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hahaha! ! ! i like it i really do! ! great read my friend!