Sonification, Variations Magnetic, Crop Circle


Data from protein, eartquakes, brainwaves
and lightning on Jupiter; visual graphs and
tables – converted into sound; Sonification:
Listening to changes in pitch and volume;
scientist being elegant in their experiments
now wish to create beautiful music from all
their data; the recorded radio-waves of
gases in interplanetary space are slowed
down to an audible frequency; scientists
are listening to lightning on Jupiter, to
earth’s aurora, cosmic radiation belts and
the solar wind… the aurora sound like
Star War’s laser guns in an intergalactic
battle – commission a composer to turn
sound data into lovely music…

Terrestrial Field Variations Magnetic

radiation and particles
in interaction with the planet earth
will cause terrestrial field variations magnetic,
affect DNA manufacture on date of conception,
change the chemical properties so elemental of
water; reacting on humans, animals and plants;
all this substantiate the one true conclusion:
Personality is just a genetic

The Crop Circle Enigma

The Crop Circle Enigma - worthy of investigation
a subject so worthwhile to study in meditation:
Lucy Pringle says she feels the `energies`
in crop circles caused by microwave radiation -
claimed by biophysicists to affect the central nervous system
beneficially in some subjects - in 1996 she inspected
the Mayan Symbol Crop Circle at East Oakley in Hampshire
her friend Andre underwent positive changes in
consciousness there - feeling rejuvenated
and free of care

In 1997 Lucy Pringle went to Germany
to open Marianne Krill’s Crop Circle Exhibition
in Bonn - with hundreds of pictures, photographs
and diagrams - sensitively presented intellectually
scientific findings together with legend, myth
and spiritual quality - unique essentially -
Crop Circle Interest in Germany
is immense – so why are we
still so reluctant to go and see
the Crop Circle Enigma?

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by Margaret Alice

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This is fascinating, and most of all I love hearing you turn the splendid things of this world into satisfying poetry!