Cool Culture, The

I ask,
What culture do we have?
Cool is not a culture
We have become accustom to non-sense
Violence, Hopelessness, Horrors
And it all breeds disillusionment
Fantasies swell

You not a man,
You not a part of the human continuum
You something else, something less,
Less in-tune with reality
The people talk about real everyday

What’s real, what’s more real?
Who’s the realest?
Because the people aren’t real
Their values aren’t real
Their priorities aren’t real

Their real culture is
Deception, Destruction
Self-destruction and it’s all self-inflicted
We’re trained to hate ourselves
And taught to love our enemies

In fear is how we receive each other
Danger is how we perceive the world
Where everything is uncertainty
Unstable, No Security, No Protection
Other than what destroys first ourselves
And then our communities
And no one has immunity

No foundation
Under educated, Misinformed
Ignorance by design
Dying without a cause
Living with no purpose
Wandering souls
Curious conditions
Where every dream is fleeting

The young don’t acknowledge the old
The old don’t acknowledge the young
The young are the old and no one knows it
The young show no respect
The old don’t pass down knowledge
They allow generation after generation
After generation to fail
Until failure is in our genetic code
And failure is the code we live by

Our culture isn’t success
It’s not love, it’s not understanding
It’s not progress
It’s regression, regrets,

The false hope of promise
And the pain of un-fulfillment
It’s power,
The exploitations of the weak
Preying on the weaker
It’s paper
Both the chase and the waste
It’s plastic
A mold, a façade we all fake

It’s majority rule
With only the minority thinking
Minds aligned with the elite
Who want our rapid decline
Clearly visible to those awake
But our culture keeps us unconscious
And at too many wakes

Kept from the desire for justice
Our culture dismisses
It can’t swallow the truth
In a belly of lies
Because our culture is miserable
It’s cynical, it’s loyalty to death
Mentally castrating
Bastard making
Family devastating
With no accountability
No plan, no purpose on the planet

Our culture, this cult
Comes from nothing
It is nothing
Those who follow are nothing,
Yet we follow it blindly,
We follow it in full
Down a fool’s path
Towards a path of oblivion
Where the wrath of a million,
Sons and Daughters
Fathers and Mothers
Explode to reach something colder
But cool is not a culture
So what culture do we have?

by Darrin McMiller Jr.

Comments (3)

A lovely sonnet indeed it is by Elizabeth Barrett to and enjoy now!
There must be your greater relief than to know that love overpowers death, and rips me right out of its destructive jaws.
Of the sweet years with the muse of life. Nice work.