EI (April 12,1991 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Sonnet 1

I can't believe you tried to lead me on
And give me a fake haven for my pain.
Looking back, I see that I was wrong
If I thought you a shelter from my rain.
When I cried, you bade me wipe my tears
And reassured me with Moon-rivaled smiles.
Also you were known to give my fears
Something to fear, protecting all the while.
Alas! You cast my hapless love aside;
A lovelier, quaint maiden took my place.
And now in ashes does my heart abide;
Love ignores me. I don Sorrow's face.
I know now it was too good to be true;
'Twas just a bittersweet dream, me and you.

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Comments (2)

si! bien! si! ! lovely! ! i tend to lean toward these in my own writing. The ending was grand. Absolutely wonderful write! Gabriela
The pain of lost love - a timeless subject, beautifully handled. Me gusta mucho! Jon.