JP (August 17,1988 / Alabama)

Sonnet 1

Is love something you can feel?
Or is it just something to make you ill.
These pains in my heart are unreal.
They are just enough to kill.

Day in, day out, it never goes away.
Like a roller coaster my emotions soar high and low.
There is nothing you can do or say.
These pains just continue to grow.

People say without pain there is no gain.
But what can you gain when you’ve lost it all.
There can be no other, my hearts been slain.
Sitting by the phone waiting for her to call.

Somebody give me a gun, I’ll end this pain.
Oh wait, here comes the train.

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This is an excellent poem because of its effect on the reader, especially at the end. Now that we've established that you're not seriously going to find a train to jump in front of, I would like to say that although your poems are a little somber, they are very good. You have a knack for writing poetry that evokes emotion.