Zip It

You can not tell people
Who have been trapped and raise on crap.
That they are also ignorant, fat and lazy!
Since those that are...
Will not appreciate that!

There is a fine line between honesty and disrespect.
To say, 'Hey you, fat ass! '
May not get the response one expects.
Or even to say to someone walking down the street...
'Do you mind standing still for one moment?
The ground is shaking,
And its causing my nose to bleed! '

No one will regard this as a compliment at all!
Nor a snide remark behind their backs...
'Is there an eclipse of the Sun?
That has darkened the sky,
To cause night to come...
And suddenly fall? '

This is not nice,
To say behind one with a tremendous butt!
Nor interrupting them with rude comments to ask...
If they would like a ride from a truck,
To help them speed up their strut!

Just don't say nothing at all.
And be thankful you are not responsible to pay,
For their grocery or medical bills!
Knowing you can barely pay your own!
And lifestyles are getting out of touch.
Making everyone ill!

Some things observed are better left as they are.
With no need of a spoken word to be heard.

'Zip it!
There is need to be obscene.
As if making announcements...
On a tour of new museum exhibits!
Just zip it! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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