XPL (02 September 1977 / Makati City, Philippines)

Sonnet - 108

Noble it be thus the Heart's Stone devour
And assume as Friends no longer Connect
Perhaps one's Welcome beg Gratitude's sour
Then Purge these Memories by Retrospect
By such then does by one's Folly approve
Thinking those Facts well-written into Stone
Through Time furnish the Proper Way to Love
Then scrape this Jester's Feathers to the bone
Many Covet you. That at all be Clear
Too much for Morning's Sanity absorb
To take one's Bide across at Far be Near
Then shoulder your Attitude's Destiny.
Later, when Time's de-form cause some to Rend
As one must Look which Honour to Defend.

by Xavier Paolo Ledesma Mandreza

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