XPL (02 September 1977 / Makati City, Philippines)

Sonnet - 110

Letters by Nature admit your Heart's Due
Then Form Impress which Career you Decide
That of a Hound with the Dragon's Strength imbue
And slowly melt your Shakes and Boils aside
Else she be Glad or Merry by Degree,
Surpass her Pleasures for Love Un-dictate
That Sincere flay her Crumpled Skin agree
Then Pour her Best Sense revive your Debate
By Moments both aware of such Event
How such Great Romance will Pledge a Great Price
After all, your Love's Display represent
To your Humblest Vessel would your Dreams suffice.
Now, Mighty Pen, Dull the Flame-Sword's accord
Admit her Soul by Right Signature's ward.

by Xavier Paolo Ledesma Mandreza

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