XPL (02 September 1977 / Makati City, Philippines)

Sonnet - 111

His Liege, your Lord: To Chew his Seasoned Creed
For your Events shred their Ripened Clouds sell
Replace with Virtues shine your Fortune's Need
Else release those Gates such Pom meet you well
So Checkers-by-Chance turn not by the Wheel
Which only Embracement-by-Method grows
His Ship, Forged by Kings of General's Keel
Allow much of what his Fine Fruit does Flow
Such Fruit indeed; Ferment to Shameless Wine
As Luck forbid what Solid Ants would Fare
Then Rouse this Locust his Lump-bums confine
Pursue one's Gold for Mount Olympus dare.
Of course, Honoured Secrets such Method find
Between Master and Pupil such Technique bind.

by Xavier Paolo Ledesma Mandreza

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