Farewell, My Afei

O Afei, My Afei,
My cute little doggie,
My small white goppy.

We always together,
For 3 years;
We always love each other
No matter what,
No matter who,
No matter when,
No matter where,
No matter how.

Afei, why you left me so soon,
Making me tear apart,
Make me cry and grief,
Every day and every night.

O Afei,
Since you left me,
I always think of you,
Missing you,
Dreaming of you.

My Afei,
Farewell, good bye
For now and forever,
You may be out of sight,
But not out of my mind,
I always remember you.

O Afei, My Afei
I’ll always love You,
My true friend,
Farewell to you.

by Lawrence CH Hiun

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