Animal Life

No one to fix a broken limb
No one to help deliver a baby
No one to soothe when a child is killed
By a lion, tiger or hyena

No ability to improvise
To deal with these crises
And yet the animals struggle on
To survive and grow
Are not they smarter than us?

by Ruta Mohapatra

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A somewhat disturbing sonnet which forms one of the group of four (147-50) in which the poet sees his love as a sort of raging fever, a madness in his blood, and he endeavours to come to terms with his own perplexity. There are probably hidden threads of reference in this group of poems which now can no longer be uncovered. The foulness with which he manages to end each of the four sonnets (blackness, foulness, defect, unworthiness) probably refers to her perceived unfaithfulness, but may also have implications of sexual voracity and/or disease, the French malady as it was called, a name which covered various sexually transmitted diseases, but more often referred to syphilis and its devastating effects. The sonnet may also be read as if it were part of a sequence complaining of a beloved mistress's disdain, but given the content of some of the surrounding sonnets, (e.g.142,151,152) it seems more probable that there are other hidden and more sinister meanings.
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out
wow..of course if love doesn't keep us blind then we are going to see the faults of our love..fabulous! .. :)