Hello Good Luck

B-ye jinx, hello good luck,
E-arly beacon begins to ascend;
L-et the sunshine appear,
L-et the darkness

C-all on the good luck,
A-s you rise from your sleep;
S-weet slumber is through,
A-im to harvest or reap.
D-ay thirteen of October, Friday fun and fortune knock;
A-llow the field to yield, welcome grace, hello good luck.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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Sonnets 154 and 153 are often referred to as Anacreontic, after the name of a Greek writer who wrote minor love poems and epigrams. from Wikipedia: Shakespeare used Greek mythology to address love and despair in relationships. The material in Sonnets 153 and 154 has been shown to relate to the six-line epigram by the Byzantine poet known as Marianus Scholasticus, who published a collection of 3,500 poems called The Greek Anthology. When translated, the epigram resembles Sonnets 153 and 154, addressing love and the story of Cupid, the torch, and the Nymph's attempt to extinguish the torch. ...
... Sonnet 153 and 154 are used as a statement to address the conflict within the love triangle. The Dark Lady is the object of desire from sonnet 127 to 152. The sonnets revolve around the love triangle between the poet and the Dark Lady who is in love with the young man. The young man maybe pursued by the poet also.
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