MR (10/12/88 / Gilroy)

Sonnet 2: A Cool Breeze Runs Past Me Riding Downtown

A cool breeze runs past me riding downtown.
A mondaine sunlight shimmers, glistening.
Housings fly by me, a blur to my eyes.
Homely aroma, tranquilizing sights.
Handfuls of parents, maybe a child.
The automobiles in the street, they too,
Play melodically, honking and rushing.
The wind hastens and lifts me higher up.
Wingless I fly weaving in and out, and
Smiles greet me kindly seeing me pass.
I ride down my city, flying downtown.
The sights though familiar, seem foreign now.
I admired my time, beauty I knew,
While a cool breeze blew, as I rode downtown.

by Mark Ruiz

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