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Once upon a time, you made me smile
To think that we would outlast time,
I was blinded for a while.
Who knew that my love would be such a crime?

My very first love, you were mine.
Gliding along, so blissfully unaware
I wish I would have seen the sign,
If I could go back, I would, I swear.

So dumb, so blind, so full of regret
Now I know that nothing is as it seems,
But how could I have known that you had met
The new girl in all of your dreams?

In the past, forgotten, left behind
Seeing you with her is like a knife in my chest.
Trying my hardest to get you out of my mind,
I have finally put us to rest.

And now that I have forgotten about you,
Let's see how long it takes for you to forget about her, too.

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You have a real knack for capturing human emotion in your poetry. Have you ever thought of doing this seriously? You should. I like this poem even more than the last one-even if it is depressing. It is very well-written, and full of feeling. You can almost hear the desperation as you read this. Excellent job.