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Sonnet 4: Love's First Kiss
DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

Sonnet 4: Love's First Kiss

Poem By David Zvekic

If I for failure owe some higher price
Than kind, to quell love's thirst and passion's cost,
I say, I'd pay it gladly over twice,
For this, my first love's kiss, that I've since lost.
While deep within, my dreams still cherished lie,
They bide their breath in hopes that love might sing;
Whose wonderous address could never die
While kindness such as she may life yet bring.
Her visage paints the moon in autumn's dew,
And through her astral panes all streams must flow;
Her brilliance: more intense than stars yet new -
So parched for her, my muse! My heart must follow.
  A dream between a star and tears of bliss:
  Forevermore spent holding love's first kiss.

-October 19,2005

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A sweet love sonnet on that oh so important First Kiss. Very nice work, if you can get it! lol Smiling Tai