Trust him in the common light;
Trust him in the awesome night;

Trust him when the earth doth quake:
Trust him when thy heart doth ache;

Trust him when thy brain doth reel
And thy friend turns on his heel;

Trust him when the way is rough,
Cry not yet,
It is enough

But obey with true endeavour,
Else the salt hath lost his savour.

by George MacDonald

Comments (11)

It is a great grief to bear love's wrong but not the injury of hate and let not lovers become foes says Shakespeare as a significant message here!
I do forgive thy robbery, gentle thief A great love poem penned by equally great poet. Thanks for sharing it here.
Absolute delight! Beautiful romantic piece with rendition of words to utmost justice. A lovely poem from the master.
The only one William Shakespeare! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing....
A Master stroke........Reading his poem is a joy and treat for heart and ears.
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