Sonnet 420

Poem By currian slack

Even though I'm felching it's not gay
It's because I'm part anime.
'cus I have a wifu pillow, what a bai
In my dad's synagogue I pray
That my mom is gona bring more Skylanders to play
I need my extra time to write my essay
I had had a fake girlfriend in the USA
But I sill have my wifu pillow, my bai

She deserted me so I organised a search mission
Watchin anime and fappin' is my tradition.
I present my wifu pillow as an exhibition
It's a limited edition
I can't see I have a medical condition
I can't read the question to do the simple addition.
Made in a test tube using nuclear fission
I steal memes like it's a competition

I am worth as much as my bungalow
When I see my imaginary friends they tell me to go
Im red like a cherry tomato
I summon dark magician just like in yugio
Oo oh
I didn't even revise so my iq is low

During my exams I get extra time
That's why it took so long to make this rhyme
Now it done, it's my time to shine.

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