We Work To Live And Live To Die

We work to live and live to die;
We work so hard and just get by.
We live our lives from day to day;
There is no time to stop and play.

We never rest until the end;
Our bodies age and never mend.
We grind our bodies to the ground
Until we lay beneath a mound.

by Danny Hammell

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It is a member of the Fair Youth sequence, in which the poet expresses his love towards a young man. Sonnet 46 is continued in Sonnet 47. Sonnet 46, along with sonnets 24 and 47 (which are all sonnets referring to the eye and heart tension) , is known as an absence sonnet. George Massey states that the sonnet has the look of a lover fondling the miniature of his beloved, and rejoicing that in her absence he has at least her portrait to dote on and dally with.The picture is not an actual portrait though, but rather a “visionary portrait of the Earl for the possession of which the eyes and heart contend. [from Wiki]