Sonnet: 58th Indian Independence-Day

’Tis fifty-eight years since India turned afree!
Our homage to all freedom-fighters great;
The blood of martyrs won freedom ably;
‘Satyagraha’, ‘Ahimsa’ set the date.

The Nation’s Father, Gandhiji was brave;
He etched a place that none can ev’r surpass;
The peace-tilak, tricolor flag, he gave;
We tend to forget how he fought, alas!

India’s democracy’s exemplary;
We want the world to live in amity;
‘Peaceful Co-existence’ message, we carry;
We will preserve India’s integrity.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Great poem in honour of India. It's funny to see you use both the words ahimsa and amity together too as I just did in one of my poems. Both inspired by the ideal of Gandhi. I also appreciate learning that the tricolour flag of India that I so admire for all its symbolism was from Gandhi. Thank you for sharing your poem. Namaste, eliza PS You got it exactly right too when you said 'we want the world to live in amity.' India isn't selfish and cares for the world, and as the last prime minister said the blessings India's flag are extended to all. This is the universal root of India.