! Sonnet 59 For Dad

I'm thinking, Dad, that soon, maybe, we'll meet;
at least, that's how it seems from what I hear;
the info's not at all clear on this point:
like, where exactly; and what will I wear,

and shall I bring you something; if so, what?
I'm not too easy, Dad, about all this:
like, am I sure to find you in that lot?
And, will we treat each other like - we did,

or as we should now (God knows how you'll be...) :
and, will we need to talk about past pain?
('cos that's what's really, really bugging me...) :
or can we wipe the slate clean, start again?

Dad - were you proud of me? You never said...
Dad - love you; are things better, now you're dead?

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (6)

Well said, great sonnet. I really like this form, a good poet can put a lot into a Sonnet. You ARE a poet and you put a lot into this one.10++
Very profound piece, thank you for sharing! Malaya
The last two lines contain questions that I also want to ask, in fact I have a whole lot of questions that I want to ask. It's a pity that I didn't ask them when he was alive, it's the same old story, we simply didn't talk enough.
Written from the heart, enough to move anyone. Nicely done. Best Wishes Helgard
A Beautiful and moving sonnet
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