Sonnet-A New Dawn

Another Dawn is born, a new morrow!
The ground looks sodden from the night's good rain;
I see the dew-drops glisten on the bough;
The mighty Sun is on the rise again.

The ball of fire, dazzles such bright, white light,
The Moon, ghost-like, three-quarters-sized, remains!
It had been raining well all through the night;
This Sunday morn, empty are still the lanes.

The neighbour couple, hose-water the plants;
The leaves are verdant more than ev'r before,
The trunks of trees have busy, crawling Ants;
Some Birds are preening dry their feathers sore.
The Sun has gone high up into the Sky,
Its heat brings warmth to hearts as earth doth dry.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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