Sonnet: A Village-Life Is Better

A city-life has gone to dogs these days,
With problems of water, shelter and food;
The cost of living has gone up always;
The ‘luxury’ cannot keep one’s health good!

A village-life is far better to all;
Tho’ time ticks slowly, health is at its peak;
Yet, love and courtesy is maintained tall;
A simple livelihood, most farmers eke.

But still, men throng the cities all the time,
To live a discontented, worthless life?
And neither are the mind and soul sublime;
Man struggles much to combat daily strife.

So, why can’t men be level-headed then,
And live ’midst Nature’s plants, beasts, birds like wren?


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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