Sonnet: Abide In God

God, help me live as per Thy divine Will!
Enamored by the world, let me not live;
Let temptations not make my heart/ soul ill;
Let me for Thy sake live and my life give.

Nothing is worth living for in this world;
The righteous path is but one thing worthwhile;
And life is God’s greatest gift that we hold;
And sin which God detests, let us not pile.

What divine love gave us our human for?
Let us return that love a hundredfold,
By living life as per the Maker’s norm;
Heaven is worth all earth’s treasures and gold.

The Maker strict is kind in umpteen ways;
And soon over will be our earthly days.


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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