Sonnet: All Creatures Are Equal ‘fore God’s Eyes

‘What mammoth frame, ivory tusks, I’ve got! ’
‘No forest-king or beast dare challenge me! ’
‘I lift tree-trunks and battles too I’ve fought! ’
‘I stand and sleep: eat grass, green leaves only.’

The Ant that heard the Elephant’s words said:
‘Tho’ small in size, I labor hard, day/night! ’
‘I eat the biggest beast and men who’re dead! ’
‘I disappear in small cracks out of sight! ’

Each one on earth has merits/demerits;
God made all beings with purpose innate;
One can’t compare the poets that have writ,
Nor can we harbor jealousy or hate.

God expects just some things for which we’re made;
A heart’s a heart: a spade always a spade.


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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