Sonnet: All Earthly Things Shall Pass

Build, we may, Skyscrapers still incredible;
Make, we may, monuments, superb, splendid;
Write, we may, manuscripts, more indelible;
Sculpt, we may, statues more, less insipid.

Found, we may empires, umptine, vast, great;
Tell, we may stories that all love to hear;
Reign, we may like Kings unsurpassed, till date;
Do we may great things, unheard by man’s ear.

The glory of our earthly gains shall pass;
The splendor of man’s achievements last short;
The mightiest of earthlings dies, Alas!
Man's grandeur some day surely shall abort.
Man's art may live for longer time than life;
But continues mankind thus, despite strife!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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